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50 Years of Experience
A leading fire protection company in the southeast and mid-Atlantic region, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. has more than 50 years experience in fire protection and fire sprinkler inspection services. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. delivers Orlando fire protection services to a variety of businesses in Central Florida and in the Orlando metro area.

Expert, Trained Professionals
In accordance with the National Fire Protection Association codes, the Orlando fire protection experts at VSC Fire & Security, Inc. provide testing and inspection backed by a solid compliance record with OSHA safety standards. VSC Fire & Security's fire protection technicians are certified and trained National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) professionals.

Dependable Inspections
Look to VSC for reliable and professional Orlando fire sprinkler inspection and 24-hour emergency fire sprinkler and fire alarm service and repair. Our fire sprinkler inspection recordkeeping and coordination of the required fire sprinkler inspections and certifications ensures compliance for your annual fire sprinkler inspections.

Annual Inspections
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VSC Florida Orlando FL Fire Protection Inspection Service Sprinkler repair and maintenance

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. delivers cost-effective one-stop shopping for your Orlando fire protection needs including fire sprinkler inspection, service, repair and maintenance. Look to VSC Fire & Security, Inc. in Florida for a comprehensive, cost-effective and competitively priced one-stop partner for fire protection services including Orlando fire sprinkler inspection and fire alarm inspection, service and repair.

Are you seeking a contractor for both Orlando fire sprinkler inspections and fire alarm inspections? Our clients achieve cost efficiencies by consolidating their fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection contracts with us. By using us as their centralized source for comprehensive fire protection inspection, repairs and service our clients have the convenience of one primary contact, one central phone number for emergency service and one combined invoice. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. professionals advise our clients on preventive fire protection maintenance so our clients can avoid yellow and red fire sprinkler inspection rejection tags and urgent re-inspection orders for their sprinkler and alarm systems.

Sprinkler Inspection FL Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Inspections & Repair
Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Look to us for reliable and professional fire sprinkler inspection and 24-hour emergency sprinkler and fire alarm service and repair. Our Orlando fire sprinkler inspection recordkeeping and coordination of the required fire sprinkler inspections and certifications ensures compliance for your annual sprinkler inspections. Our goal is to work diligently in partnership with each of our clients to maintain your fire alarm and sprinkler inspection records.

Our experts deliver expert fire alarm and fire sprinkler service inspection, service and repair for all varieties of life safety systems. Whether you have a new, high-tech computerized fire alarm panel or a decades old fire sprinkler system, our professionals will ensure that your sprinkler and alarm systems are properly maintained and serviced.

Our team will work efficiently to address service problems and repairs in order to keep your fire alarm and sprinkler system in compliance. Our primary goal is to work with you to stay one step ahead of your required Florida sprinkler inspection and alarm inspection schedule. Our staff assists our clients by providing reminders for inspection deadlines and we strive to record and document your comprehensive inspection records for your equipment systems. Count on us to provide reminders for upcoming Orlando fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspection deadlines.

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VSC Security
Founded more than 50 years ago in Virginia, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. is a privately-held company offering fire protection, life safety and security installation, service and inspection. With annual sales of $150 million, VSC serves our clients with nearly 800 managers, installers and inspectors and a fleet of about 475 vehicles. .

Located in Orlando, our central Florida regional office is one of thirteen regional offices from Baltimore to Mobile. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. delivers services including fire sprinkler inspections and fire alarm inspections to a variety of customers in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern region. Our professional roster of fulltime, professionally trained technicians has immediate access to supplemental resources from our company's vast resources and capabilities. Count on us for quick, efficient turnaround for your inspection needs.

VSC Florida Current Orlando Customers
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Current VSC Fire & Security, Inc. Orlando fire protection customers include: Florida Blood Centers Headquarters/Warehouses, Stonebridge Commons Home Owners Association, Hunters Creek Community Association, Appliance Direct Locations, City of Titusville Water Resources, David Maus Dealerships, Lake Fairview Development and PFM Chemical.

VSC Florida 24-Hour Emergency Service
24-hour Emergency
Do you need service or repair service during nights and weekends? Are you experiencing an emergency with one of your systems? Contact our 24-hour Emergency On-call Center for a prompt response.

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